Monday, September 7, 2009

Body After Baby Challenge: We Made It!

Samantha at MamaNotes hosted the Body After Baby Challenge: Fit by Labor Day. Well, it's Labor Day. It's been 8 long weeks and I'm glad that I participated.

I didn't reach all my goals, but I feel a lot better about myself. My main goal was to lose about 8 pounds so that I would fit back into some of my prepregnancy clothes. I lost 7 pounds that I was able to keep off!! I'm back in my "skinny" clothes and it feels great.

I kind of fell of the wagon as far as toning up. I did try to lift weights a couple times a week, but this one was a lot harder for me to stay motivated with.

I have started to eat much healthier since the challenge began. I know that I will stick with my healthier eating habits because it sets a good example for Fiona and it makes me feel so much better. I have noticed that when I choose to eat something like fast food, now I feel really icky after eating it. I'm feeling better eating salads and healthier options. That doesn't mean I'm depriving myself by any means. I still eat whatever I want, just in much smaller portions and I just don't want the unhealthy option as often.

Go here to look at the before picture (I was too lazy to upload it again). Finally, the after picture:

This challenge has helped to me feel better about myself and develop healthier habits in my life. Thanks Samantha for hosting it!! Head over to MamaNotes to check out all the after pictures.


Lori said...

Way to go!!!

Lyndsey said...

You look great! I could tell a difference! Congrats Mama!

Chanda said...

Good job! You can definitely tell a difference. I can't believe the 8 weeks is already over!