Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who Needs a Baby Monitor

Sometimes I really wonder why we wasted money on a baby monitor.  First of all our house is pretty small and you can pretty much hear through the walls well enough to know when the baby is crying in her room.  The only room you kind of need one in is if I lay a baby down to sleep in our room.

However, we apparently have a built in baby monitor in the dogs.  The dogs don't think a crying baby should be left alone.  Cry it out does not work well in our house because the dogs sit at the door and whine and scratch until you go free the Fiona from baby jail, aka the crib.  They will run back and forth down the hall from you to the baby, until you go get her.

Silly us, we didn't need to buy a baby monitor.  We had 2 already.


Regan said...

hahaha, too funny! I hope that my dog is in love and worried about my future children like that!

Jessica said...

That is great...when we had a dog, she was not allowed upstairs so she did not have that option. Too bad...we could have saved some $, too.