Friday, October 22, 2010

Calina is 5 Months Old

Calina (Callie Bug, Little Boo, Issy, Peanut, Callie Jean) is 5 whole months old and not lacking in the nickname department :)
I see pictures of her as a tiny baby on my screensaver and am just in awe of how fast she has changed and grown.  She truly is a joy.  Calina is such a good natured baby.  She smiles and giggles often, but also has a serious side.
She's getting more and more stable sitting up and is very good at rolling onto her tummy.  Too bad she hates being on her tummy.  She occassionally rolls the other direction, but not very frequently.
Lately, she has become not the best sleeper in the world.  Callie naps okay in her crib during the day most of the time now.  However, she thinks that she should sleep with Mommy every night and nurse a gazillion times.

Calina loves Fiona.  No one can make her smile bigger or laugh harder.  Fiona doesn't even have to do anything out of the ordinary, just walk across the room.  Fi has started being more interested in Callie too.  She gives her more kisses and gives Calina her bear/paci when she is sad.  Fiona also tries to carry Callie around, which is frightening.  I have managed to save Callie every time, but I have to watch her like a hawk.
No matter how much I plead with time to slow down a bit, it just keeps speeding along.  I have to go snuggle my baby now, before she gets any bigger. 

Happy 5 months, Calina!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Last Saturday we went to the Bellevue Berry Farm and Pumpkin Patch.  The girls' Aunt Maggie was in town on fall break from college, so we took her and her friend, Barb with us.  Fiona was loving the giant playground area.  They had tire swings shaped like horses.
 Callie loves it when Mommy carries her around in the Moby.  She's just happy as a clam to watch her big sister tear around.
 Anything that remotely resembles a sphere is a ball according to Fi.  Pumpkins fall in that category, so naturally, we heard a lot of the word "ball".
I tried to get a cute picture of the girls, but my photography assistant (ahem, Nathan) was not quite quick enough.  Out of about 100 pictures this one turned out okay.

I made Nathan take this picture with me. I thought it was funny.
 Fiona wanted to pick up each and every pumpkin we came across in the pumpkin field.  She decided this one was too heavy.
So she found one more her size. 
 Fi loves her Aunt "Nangi".
 She was less than impressed with the hay rack ride.  She did like picking out pieces of straw out of the bales and throwing them one at a time off the side though.
 A pretty good family photo :)
Wish my hair hadn't been in Calina's face because this is such a cute picture otherwise.
We had a great time at the pumpkin patch.  I can't wait to carve up our pumpkins.  I love fall :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crafting Craziness

I've been on a crafting kick lately.  I have probably gone a little overboard on the matching crafts for the girls.  It started with Husker outfits.  I made the tutus and the hairbows and bought the N's for the girls shirts from my friend Jessica.  She has super cute stuff, check out her etsy shop, Confetti Creations.
 I love the way their Husker outfits turned out.

 Along with those I decided they needed Halloween outfits too.  I need to get a good picture of them together in these. They are adorable.

 I even made an extra Halloween tutu/bow set and sold it to my Mom's coworker.
Oh, but that isn't the end of it.  I'm also working on Halloween costumes for both girls. Fiona is going to be Little Bo Peep and Callie is going to be her sheep.  I have to get all my matching done, because soon Fiona will have an opinion and won't want to match anymore.  Also on my crafting list, 3 pairs of leg warmers, 2 pairs of fleece pants for each girl, and some pjs for Fiona.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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