Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So I signed up for Swagbucks a couple of months ago. At first I didn't really pay any attention to it. Then I kept hearing about a friend who was getting some really cool prizes through Swagbucks. I decided to try actually using it. It really is easy to use. All you have to do is use the Swagbucks search engine like you would use any search engine and you can earn Swagbucks. Then you can use your Swagbucks for some really great prizes. I am saving mine up for gift cards. I really want a Wii or maybe some new cloth diapers. There are other ways to earn Swagbucks, like shopping online through the website. It's great. In a month I've earned enough Swagbucks for $10 worth of gift cards, and that is without really trying too hard. If you aren't signed up you should go and sign up right now. You won't regret it. Just click this link.

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Nicole said...

I love Swagbucks!!! I joined in January and earned a Wii for free a few months ago and an additional $100 in Amazon credit. That's $350 total! It's my absolute favorite rewards program.