Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy 4 Months, Elsie!

Time is flying by as usual.  Elsie is 4 months old now.  We took her to her checkup and she weighed in at 12 lbs 11 oz, which is the 33rd percentile.  She was 23.3 inches long, which is the 20th percentile.  She weighs about the same as Callie did, but is more than 2 inches shorter, which explains her kissable cheeks.

Hanging with Mommy in the Ergo (she spends a lot of time in there)

Elsie is still my happy sweet pea.  She loves people, especially her sisters.  They are still pretty excited about her too.  In fact, Elsie learned how to roll from her tummy to her back.  This was a problem, because she LOVES tummy time, so she would flip over and scream because she was angry.  Thank goodness she has 2 very loving and dedicated sisters who would sit next to her and flip her back over repeatedly.  She has since learned to roll back the other way.

Happy 4 months sweet, smiley girl!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Elsie is 3 Months Old

 Time is absolutely flying past.  Elsie is getting so big.  She's so cute with her chubby cheeks and thigh rolls.  She is already wearing clothes that Fiona wore when she was 9 months old!  That says more about how tiny my big girls were, but seems crazy to me.  She is such a happy baby!
 These pictures were taken before she discovered her great hatred for the carseat.  Recently, she has decided that she HATES her carseat.  To the point that I often have to pull over when we are driving places because she screams this awful scream and often makes herself choke and gag.  She sometimes will tolerate it now if I give her a blankie to snuggle.  She likes to hold a blankie and suck her thumb.

Chilling in the swing at Nana's house.  She can't have a swing at home because Callie likes to "help" her swing. 

 The big girls are still in love with the baby.  They are very good at keeping her entertained and still beg to hold her daily.
 She loves sitting in the Bumbo seat at the table, while we eat dinner.
Elsie has the best temperament.  She is so content with life and loves to giggle and flirt.  She already scoots herself around on her back and is definitely unsafe to leave unattended on top of anything.  I found her rolled over onto her tummy the other day, but I'm pretty sure Callie helped her do that.

We are sure blessed to have such a sweetie pie in our family :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July in Pictures

 My girls on the 4th of July
We went to a small parade in my parents' neighborhood.  Callie had a cookie with red frosting.  Can you tell? 
 Elsie slept while we walked in the little kid parade.
I made the kids some ribbon wands for the kids to wave in the parade.  Liam was much more interested in tossing them.
After the first parade we went to watch the Field Club parade.
Fiona, Millie, Callie
Helping Nana make sparklers 
Daddy let the girls do sparklers. 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Big Girl Date

We had been seeing the previews for the new Disney Brave movie for quite some time.  Fiona was dying to see it and had been asking since the first previews came out.  I thought the movie looked pretty cute so I was excited to take her to the movie.  She had only been to the movie theater one other time for Beauty and the Beast with Nathan and he said it was a disaster because she talked through the whole thing and wouldn't sit still.  It had been a couple of months so I wasn't too worried about it.  We invited my sister, Maura, and my BFF, Eileen, to go with us and left the little girls home with their Daddy.

Fiona was super excited. She talked about it all morning.  She looks a little tired because I actually had to wake her up from a nap to go.
Fiona did great at the movie.  There were a few places in the movie with bears that she got a little nervous about.  She also drank an entire glass of pop during the movie, so she was kind of bouncing off the walls by the end of the movie.

After the movie we walked over to Jones Bros. Cupcakes for a special treat.  Usually when we go there the girls split a cupcake, but since Callie wasn't there I let her have one of her own.
She was pretty excited about the cupcake.  It looked like a cupcake bomb went off under her chair.

She was literally bouncing around after all that sugar. 
Being silly with Maura and Eileen
My silly monkey girl and me

Fiona wore her Merida hair clip to the movie.  She was super excited about it. 

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thea and Robbie Get Married

Nathan's sister, Thea got married to Robbie and the big girls got to be flower girls.
 My beautiful flower girls watching the bridesmaids get ready.
My MIL helping Thea with the veil.
All ready to throw those petals.
 Fiona had quite a lead on Callie.  Fiona raced down the aisle tossing handfuls of petals.  Callie slowly creeped down the aisle putting one petal down at a time.  They made quite the pair.
They both dumped their baskets at the end of the aisle.
My MIL made the hoopa.  It made a really beautiful setting for the ceremony.
The happy couple
An attempt at a bridal party picture, the girls were pretty much done standing still.

 Playing a little lawn golf before the reception started.
Fiona was a dancing queen.  She danced and danced and danced some more.  We had to literally drag her from the reception at 11 at night because she still wanted to dance.  If you don't know my kids that is super late for them.  We really never let them stay up late.  Since your aunt only gets married so often they got to stay up really late.  The little girls crashed, but Fiona was like the Energizer bunny.

Elsie just chilled all day and looked cute.
She found a friend to dance with.
My parents came to the reception.  It was nice to have an extra set of hands/eyes on the big girls because it was outside and there were these pretty little ponds full of frogs.  The girls were fascinated and their mommy was terrified they were going to fall in.
Father/daughter dance

First dance
We are so happy for Thea and Robbie!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Elsie is 2 Months Old

Elsie's 2nd month was extremely busy.  We went to Adventureland, her Auntie Thea got married to Uncle Robbie, and we played and played and played some more.  Elsie is so smiley.  She smiles and coos all the time.  She hates her carseat unless Fiona is sitting next to her and talking to her.
 Relaxing in the stroller at Adventureland.  She didn't care for the heat.

 I laid Elsie down for a minute and her sisters thought she need some friends to sleep with :)
 She already loves her Daddy.
At her 2 month check up she weighed 10 lbs 4 oz (40th percentile), was 21 3/4 inches (3rd percentile, although the nurse didn't straighten her leg all the way, so I'm pretty sure that isn't accurate), and her head was in the 70th percentile.