Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday

So I have been scanning in a bunch of old photos for my Mom so I thought that this might be fun to participate in. This is a really old photo. My sister and I were best friends with the neighbor girls across the street from our Rees Street house. We were all pretty much inseparable.

This is Lauren, my sister Erin, Emily, and me on the end. Emily and I as the big sisters sometimes did mean things like make Erin and Lauren play our husbands or if we played cops and robbers they always had to be the robbers and get tied up with jump ropes.
Fun times.


LT said...

Oh what a neat memory! You all look so cute there! Thanks for sharing.

NateAndJakesMom said...

Oh my gosh! How adorable! I never had a lot of girls to play with growing up and thought that it would have been so much fun to play dress up. Or tie people up and play cops and robbers... :)

Kekibird said...

But that's the blessing of being the eldest! It's not mean :o) I did the same thing. I always got the choice roles or Barbies whereas my sister was stuck with whatever was left over.

Thanks for sharing.

Whimsical Creations said...

LOL, I have to agree with kekibird...I did the same thing as the oldest. =)

What a great memory! Sounds like everyone had a great time. =D