Monday, July 27, 2009

No Love of Cats

I am not a cat person. I am told that as a small child I loved cats, but then allergies reared their ugly head. It is quite difficult to enjoy something when as soon as you walk in the same house your eyes swell up and you start to wheeze, itch, and sneeze without the intervention of some major pharmaceuticals. My poor hubby was a cat person before dating me. He still morns the fact that his cat had to continue living with his mother and not move in with us.

Since I am very allergic, the princess has not seen too many cats in her short life. However, she has not met a dog that she didn't LOVE.

Recently we went over to a friend's house for dinner. He is a major cat person and has a kitty. When Fiona first spotted the cat she was very interested in this furry creature. I'm sure in her eyes it looked just like a dog and dogs are fun to play with. A little later she was sitting on my lap and the cat walked by, looked at Fiona, and meowed.
You would have thought the cat looked like this.

Because Fiona did this and climbed me like a tree.
She was scared silly and wouldn't remove her face from my shoulder anytime the cat was near. She would settle back down and then the cat would walk by or meow and Fiona would start crying and freaking out all over again. I know I shouldn't be as amused by my daughter's terror as I was. Honestly, I didn't think she would really discriminate much between dogs and cats. She LOVES dogs, so I figured that love would transfer to cats. Not so much.
Apparently, the girl has no love of cats. It is a sad day for her Daddy.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Love the second photo! :) Have a happy Monday~ I am slowly making my way through all of the comments that I so lovingly received last Thursday when I was featured on SITS. Thank you so very much for visiting me.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really a cat person either - they all appear to hate me. I, too, like dogs much better.

I hope your daughter is okay and not scarred for life by the scary cat!

Stopping in from SITS!

Anonymous said...

Amusement at your children's expense is payback for tantrums:) Your pictures really make the story howl! I'm still laughing:)

I love cats! We name ours after literary charaters. We only have one, though.