Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bad Mommy Moment

On Saturday I definitely had a bad mommy moment. We spent most of the day over at my parents' house for the 4th of July. I needed to lay Fiona down for a nap. She refuses to sleep in the pack-and-play, so I decided it was just easier to let her sleep in her carseat. She doesn't nap very long, so I thought I'd just stick her in that and stuck that in the middle of my parents' bed, since that was the only room we could shut the dogs out of. We didn't have a baby monitor so I was checking on her every couple of minutes, but she was sleeping just fine.

Then my Mom and I both hear blood curdling screams coming from the bedroom. I figured she just woke up and got scared not knowing where she was.

I open the door and look in the carseat ... no baby.

I look at the bed ... no baby.

There she was lying on the floor screaming her head off. I felt awful. My parents bed is pretty high, higher than most. Somehow she had gotten herself out of her carseat and off the bed. Thank God, she was mostly okay. She has a huge bump on the side of her head, but she calmed down pretty fast and was acting like herself in no time. She has definitely taught her Mommy not to leave her unattended anywhere but her crib/pack-and-play.

I am still feeling guilty about it. Just when you think you are doing okay as a parent, then your kid changes the rules of the game. I am just grateful she is okay and I've learned my lesson.


Ginny said...

I gotta say, I've yet to see a 7 month old get herself out of a car seat, the whole point of the straps is to prevent that! Sorry to hear about her head bump though!

Anna said...

Well, they work great when you use them. However, when you are more worried about waking the baby up and don't buckle them, they don't work as well to keep the baby in the seat. See, very bad mommy moment.

roadrunner201 said...

Every mom has one of these moments! (At least one). My M-I-L dropped her first born; my BFF let her daughter get too close to hot pizza and it burned her; I elbowed my son in the head one night in bed.

I guess we don't learn unless we do something that makes us feel sooo low. Good empathy training;-)

Meaghan said...

Im not a mom but my sister is and I KNOW she has these moments. Its just that moms don't tell each other so then you feel you are the only one. Remember kids #1 job is to test you :) Keep up the good work

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Regan said...

Oh, Anna...It's okay. We've all been dropped or fallen on our heads before. It builds character! She'll be fine. Bumps and bruises make a girl tough. And a girl's gotta be tough in this world! Now, if you had left her in the middle of the street or out of her car seat while speeding down the interstate, then we might need to have the "bad mommy" speech. But, you're fine. My dag ate a tampon! At least you didn't let Fiona do that!

The Redhead Riter said...

I know how you feel and I am sure every other mother does too. Fiona will be fine. Such a beautiful name too. I'm sure you watch her like a hawk and now you will continue to do so. Better to learn this lesson now and prevent something terrible in the future, so look at this as a positive. Give her lots and lots of kisses...every day...all the time...even when she is 16 and says, "Stop Mom, that's enough!" my daughter.

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