Monday, July 20, 2009

Body After Baby: One Week Down


That's right one whole week of the Body After Baby Challenge is finished. It went by super fast. I am pretty happy with how I did this week.

I weighed myself this morning and I lost exactly 1 pound. Woo hoo! That is what I was working towards. I really didn't know if I had accomplished it, but was thrilled when I stepped on the scale today.

I did moderately well with eating healthier. Most days I did really well until about dinner time when I was tired and had less will power. I am going to do better about that this week. I have planned a dinner for each night this week and prepped some of it so that it will be easier to make a healthier choice each night. The weekend was really a struggle. We went bowling Friday night, to a BBQ/boating party on Saturday night, and dinner with my parents' Sunday night. There were a lot of unhealthy options going on and alcohol, which is not very low calorie. Next weekend doesn't look much better for the healthy eating because we have a BBQ/Bridal shower and something else that I can't remember right now. I am going to have to be super good during the week to make up for a little splurging on the weekend.

I managed to work out at least 3 times this week, plus I mowed the lawn, so I am going to count that as a workout as well. I am hoping to improve on that number next week. It isn't a bad start, but none of those workouts were very long and I can do better.

My tummy, legs, and arms have been sore pretty much all week from my workouts, so I am definitely counting that as a success.

So I am proud of how I did this week. Now I just have to keep up the motivation for 7 more weeks.


Katie said...

Good job!

sarah said...

Great job! And I would totally count mowing the lawn as exercise.

Chanda said...

Way to go! Keep it up, you're well on your way!

Dianna@KennedyAdventures said...

Great job! Keep it up!