Thursday, July 16, 2009

Diet Update

After 3 days, I am doing so-so on the Body After Baby Challenge. I am finding it really difficult to keep my motivation going at dinner time. I have done well for breakfast and lunch the last 3 days and even managed to squeeze a workout into the last 2 out of 3 days. However, dinner time is a struggle.

It is very hit and miss whether or not Nathan will be home for dinner, so I have a hard time planning ahead of time what to have. Usually by that point in the day I am getting tired anyway and would normally grab another pop with caffeine to keep me going until bedtime. I am trying really hard to resist the temptation of another pop. First, the caffeine really isn't good for me, and second, the pop definitely isn't good for me or my weight loss goals. So I'm tired, sometimes cranky, and sometimes still alone with the baby. I want something fast that doesn't take lots of prep time if Nathan isn't home to help. The answer to that is usually something that is not all that healthy.

I need some inspiration. What do you do for dinner? Anyone have any suggestions for keeping motivation going at dinner time?


Ginny said...

I've been doing weight watchers the past 7 months or so and what I found was that I made 2 recipes at the beginning of the week and then refrigerated (freezing is probably better but I'm not that competent ;) and ate those for the week. Its not ideal because you end up eating a lot of the same thing that week but it helps with time. If you want me to send you my recipes let me know, they're easy (you've seen me cook, you know they have to be easy for me to pull them off).

Good luck!!

Regan said...

You can buy "steamer meals." Like the steamer veggies, except they have pasta and stuff in them. They take like 10 min and they're done. I don't know what the nutrition info says, but you should definatley check them out. Because they're quick and yummy.