Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Week

This last week has been a fairly crazy week. I feel completely disconnected from the world because I basically had zero time to get on the computer or talk to grown ups. However, it was a pretty good week even though it was crazy.

Our garden is going gangbusters and we have gazillions of tomatoes, jalapenos, and green beans. This is just a small sampling of our tomatoes. Aren't they pretty? I've been eating lots and lots of tomatoes since Nathan really doesn't eat them. That is just fine with me because I LOVE tomatoes out of the garden. Say what you will about Nebraska's icky hot/humid summers, but it produces some very tasty tomatoes. (I've had homegrown ones in other states and they just aren't quite as good.)
There have been a few cranky baby moments at our house this week, mainly caused by refusing to nap and some jealousy. See example A:
The main reason that the week was crazy was that I was babysitting 2 other babies. L who is a little over a year and G who is about 2 months.
Aren't you impressed that I was able to get a picture of all 3, even though 2 are very mobile? It took some doing.
Thankfully, my sister Maura was bored and came over to help keep them all occupied for 2 of the days. These 2 are super busy, but they did keep each other occupied quite a bit.

Fiona was very jealous anytime I held/fed/paid attention to Miss G. She gradually got over it as the week went on, but at the beginning she would throw herself on the floor in a screaming temper tantrum when I was trying to feed G.

Fiona's new favorite place to play is underneath the exersaucer.
It was pretty chaotic at our house. When one cried, they all cried and there just isn't quite room for 3 babies on my lap. Boy, did I look forward to nap time. Next week will be better because I will just have baby G.
I have rarely been more glad for the weekend. I was exhausted after this busy week.


Jessica said...

If you need someone to take a few of those tomatoes off your hands...I mean, they probably aren't as good as Louisiana tomatoes (nothing is as good as LA strawberries, so I am basing it on that), but they will be WAY better then WalMart tomatoes :)

Hope next week is a breeze.

Carolyn said...

Over from SITS...Just reading about that week makes me tired! You are a brave woman. I don't think I could care for three babies at once. Bravo!

Beautiful tomatoes, by the way.

Crissy said...

K loves to get under her exersaucer too... unfortunately she had giganto head and she gets stuck under there.. she hasn't figured out that she has to duck to get out... silly girl.

Talina said...

I feel exhausted and I've only got one and she's an infant... You are putting me to shame.