Tuesday, August 18, 2009

AppleCheeks Diapers Review

I was lucky enough to win the Fluff Friday Twitter giveaway over at The Cloth Diaper Whisperer a couple of weeks ago. I was very excited because I won 2 AppleCheeks diapers and 2 inserts. I had been wishing for a couple of these diapers because I thought they looked really cute and they have some very pretty colors.
I ended up with a St. Lucia and a Forget-Me-Not. I absolutely LOVE the St. Lucia. The color is just gorgeous and looks rather good on Miss Fi. See isn't it yummy! My second choice was a Mrs. Robinson, which is a pretty dark blue, but those were out of stock. I did not get AppleCheeks inserts with the diapers, I got BG inserts, which was fine.

These diapers come in 2 sizes. That is nice because that means the diapers will fit your baby longer, so fewer diapers for you to buy. I chose a size 1 for Fiona because it said it fits approximately 7-20 pounds and size 2 fits approximately 18-40 pounds. I probably should have chosen a size 2 since it would last longer, but at the time she was sitting at abou 15 pounds and I wanted a diaper she could where right then. However, these diapers run just a tiny bit on the small side. I'm not sure that the size 1 is going to fit Fiona until she is 2o pounds. I wouldn't say she has abnormally chunky thighs, but she is already on the last snap of the leg setting.

Did I mention that these diapers are snaps. We have a definite love of snap diapers these days since Fiona can remove velcro. Here is what the inside of the diaper looks like:
Overall, I really love these diapers. They have something that alot of other diapers are lacking, which is elastic on the tummy. I really like the elastic in the tummy because Fiona is a major tummy sleeper and sometimes in other diapers that results in leaks. The tummy elastic on these helps to keep everything in the diaper. Speaking of keeping everything in the diaper, we have had absolutely no leakage in these diapers, and they have seen some poop disasters. They are amazing at containing messes.

My other favorite thing about these diapers is the pocket. It is very wide and easy to stuff. Plus, you don't have to unstuff it. The inserts come out in the wash. I admit, I did not originally know this and with the location of the pocket, it meant reaching through poo to unstuff the diaper. I was really frustrated and grossed out with this. Then I got online and did a little research and realized that you don't have to unstuff these diapers. Yay!! I love not having to touch gross, soggy inserts!

Two things that I am not crazy about with these diapers are: ease of use and fraying.

As far as ease of use, these are not the easiest diapers in the world to get on. It requires some stretching out of elastic and it can be a challenge. I think they are totally worth the challenge. However, these are not diapers that I can hand to hubby to use. He has a horrible time getting them on. It isn't going to stop me from using them, but they get points off for this.

The other less than ideal thing is that the edges fray a bit. I washed them with some aplix (velcro) diapers and inevitably one or two of the aplix diapers came undone and caused the edges on the AppleCheeks diapers to fray a bit. Not a deal breaker either, and you could just avoid washing these diapers with your aplix ones.

So to wrap it up, I love my AppleCheeks diapers and am hoping that the budget will allow me to purchase a few size 2 diapers soon.


Jennifer said...

I so want a couple of these!! Thanks for the review!! And what a cute model you have:)

zealandsmom said...

Had NO idea it had an elastic waist! I have 2 tummy sleepers! And the not having to remove liner thing is AWESOME! Thanks!