Monday, August 3, 2009

Body After Baby Week 3

I totally fell off the wagon this week. The week started badly, with eating out and leftover yumminess. Then add in a very cranky baby who slept next to nothing all week. That leaves a very tired mommy who was up way to many hours this week, which leads to her eating way more than she should and giving in to cravings for junk food.
At least by some miracle I didn't gain weight this week, but I didn't lose any either. I did get in a workout 2 days this week, not very long, but at least it was something. Two times I chose the stairs over the elevator, so I figure that is something.
I'm really hoping to get back on the wagon starting this week.
I hope the rest of the red team did better than I did. Head on over to Mama Notes and cheer on the rest of the mamas (and daddies) participating.


Chanda said...

Jump back on the wagon, Mama! You can do it! Every little bit counts so be proud of what you did accomplish. Two workout days is definitely something! Go red team!

Baby Signs(R) With Elizabeth ICI, INC. said...

I totally understand the exhaustion of a cranky baby making it difficult, but you didn't gain and you understand the reasons behind why this week might not have been as great as the rest. You have the tools to make these next weeks really count!

Rachel said...

That certainly is rough when you're up with a cranky baby...there's nothing quite like sleep deprivation!!!

Good luck to you!!!

Katie said...

I completely fell off the wagon this week too. Sounds like that happened to a lot of people. But we still have lots of time to get refocused. You can do this!