Thursday, August 27, 2009

Love/Hate Relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with our dog, Toby. He is a very sweet dog and I do love him, but he is soooo naughty. He has been since the day we got him. As a puppy he chewed through more things than I can count. He still occassionally eats a pair of underwear or socks. We've done the whole obedience classes and worked hard with him. It only makes him behave while you are watching him.

He is such a cuddler though and so happy to see everyone. He really loves Fiona and she loves him too. Fiona's love comes with lots of hair pulling, pinching, and body slamming, but he takes it all without even batting an eye. If she cries, he comes to get you and cries until you soothe her. He even likes to cuddle up with her for naps.
He was actually cuddling more with her, but I left the room to get the camera, so of course he had to come check it out. When he went back to laying with her, they weren't snuggling as much, but it is still cute.
However, he also loves that she is eating real food now. He used to be content with just begging food from her and she would happily toss him a few bites. The other day I got her out of the high chair, left the kitchen for a minute and returned to find this:

He was busily cleaning off her tray for me. Yuck. He has even gotten brave enough to attempt this while she is in the high chair. Such a naughty dog. It is hard to be angry though when the baby is giggling hysterically.
Well Toby, you are safe for now, but only because Fi loves you so much. Naughty dog.


Samantha @ Mama Notes said...

I have a love/hate relationship with our dog too. I'm not really a dog person in general, but our dog Bubba REALLY is a good dog. He doesn't need a leash, he protects us, he is sweet.. BUT he does and has and will eat Lucas' shirts or clothes if he smells milk on them and I get VERY mad about that!! :(

BUt I know that when he is older him and Bubba are probably going to best friends and I'm going to love sending them both outside to play ball! :)

Amber Liddle said...

I think most people probably have that love/hate relationship with their dogs. They are so cute and cuddly but so naughty--kinda like our kids :) Ours loves after dinnertime, too, but he's 100lbs so he can't jump up onto the high chair--I love those pictures, they are so funny! And the cuddle ones are so sweet.

Chanda said...

I have 4 dogs and sometimes I love to hate them! LOL! They are good dogs and are great with both of my kids so I can't complain too much. One great thing is that they keep the floor in the kitchen clean! They know to hover under the table awaiting bits of food from the kids. And now my 11 month old has figured out to give the dogs his food. He thinks is very funny!

Aleta said...

That last picture would do me in. He is precious and has that look of, "I know you can't stay mad at me." The pictures of them together - how sweet!!!