Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Stash

My cloth diaper stash has evolved quite a bit from those first months of prefolds and boring, plain covers. Look at all the pretty colors :)

I have 3 Gro Baby diapers, 3 Bum Genius one size, 2 Apple Cheeks, 1 Fuzzi Bunz old style, 1 Smartipants, and 3 Toilebudz. Plus I have a couple of covers, but they aren't in the picture.

Thankfully, most of these diapers are one size diapers, so they will continue to fit her for a long time. However, the couple of prefolds here are infant size ones that I can just barely get on her still (mostly I am using them as doublers for overnight) and the 3 Toilebudz are getting pretty hard to get on. That will bring me down to 10 diapers, which isn't horrible. However, it is really nice to be able to go a little longer between washes. Plus, there are so many other kinds of diapers I would love to try and so many other cute colors and prints. If only I had an unlimited budget.

No one ever tells you how addicting cloth diapers can be. I think there needs to be a Cloth Diapers Anonymous. Hello, my name is Anna and I am addicted to cute fluff.

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Amber Liddle said...

Oh man, I am addicted too! I got some plain old white fitteds at first, then I got some colorful FuzziBunz. I was hooked! I'm off to get more from someone on craigslist tomorrow :)