Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Giving Thanks in November

I stole this idea from a few other people.  I'm going to try and post one thing I'm thankful for every day in November.  Since, I'm starting a little late, I'll post several today to catch up.

1. I'm thankful for Nathan working hard so that I get to stay home with our girls.

2. I'm thankful for a house to live in, a warm bed to sleep in (when the girls let me), and food to eat.

3. I'm thankful for 2 beautiful, healthy, smart little girls.
(Here they are in their Halloween costumes. I love how they turned out.)

4. I'm thankful for living close to family, so the girls get to see their Nana, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa,  aunts and uncles often.

5. I'm thankful that Nathan does not travel regularly for work, because this week has been very hard.  The girls had colds, were teething, and basically haven't slept in days.  My hat is off to all you single parents and parents who have spouses that travel or are deployed.

6. I'm thankful for good friends.

7. I'm thankful that I'm not pregnant right now, so I can have a glass of wine at the end of a long hard day.

8. I'm thankful that Nathan's business is going really well. Sometimes it's hard to remember to be thankful, since it means he works very long hours.

9. I'm amazingly thankful that the girls slept better last night because I was very close to having a meltdown from sleep deprivation.

10. Lastly, I'm thankful that the window wasn't closed on the side screendoor on Monday.  After putting Fiona in the house and turning to get Callie unbuckled Fiona locked the screendoor and shut the heavy door, locking me out of the house.  I had to punch the screen out to unlock the screen and get in the house.  I'm very glad that the window wasn't closed or that would have been much harder to do.

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