Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to my big 2 Year Old!

Dear Fiona,
Another year has flown by.  You are such a big girl these days.  I still remember how tiny you were just 2 years ago. 
We've both learned and grown a lot since this picture of us.  You have taught me as much as I have taught you.  I've learned more patience.  I've learned that if something small is missing the first place to check is the VCR.  I've learned all the words to lots of Wiggles and VeggieTales songs.  I've learned that naps are wonderful and should not be taken for granted.

You have had a busy year learning all kinds of new things too.  You love to dance, run, jump, climb, throw, kick, or do anything physically active.  You especially love to sing and we have used that to teach you lots of new words.  You have well over 100 signs, but are still catching up with your speaking.  Ring-around-the-rosy and the "apple song" are your favorites and we sing them hundreds of times every day. 

You also really love to read books.  Mommy is very grateful for your love of reading because it is the only time of the day when you will sit still for 5 minutes.  Your favorite book for the last few months has been Giraffes Can't Dance. 
On top of all your learning and growing this year, you became a big sister.  You are such a great big sister!  You are very gentle with your "Issy".  You like to give her hugs and kisses and show her toys.  If Callie cries you bring her blanket or pacifier to her.  We had a few bumpy days, but you have adapted to our new normal wonderfully.
You are my silly girl.  I love your sense of humor and you love making us laugh.  You keep us giggling.  You also keep us on our toes.  Mommy is always Fiona-proofing.  Everytime I find something that works to keep you out of unsafe things, you find a way to undo it. 

You love to dress up these days.  Most days you insist on wearing your "kirs" and "i's" (skirts and tights) or pretty "ows" (bows).  Such a girly girl sometimes.

Fiona, this year has been so much fun and you are such a blessing to your Daddy and Mommy.  We love you very much and are excited to see how much you learn and grow in the next year.

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