Friday, October 22, 2010

Calina is 5 Months Old

Calina (Callie Bug, Little Boo, Issy, Peanut, Callie Jean) is 5 whole months old and not lacking in the nickname department :)
I see pictures of her as a tiny baby on my screensaver and am just in awe of how fast she has changed and grown.  She truly is a joy.  Calina is such a good natured baby.  She smiles and giggles often, but also has a serious side.
She's getting more and more stable sitting up and is very good at rolling onto her tummy.  Too bad she hates being on her tummy.  She occassionally rolls the other direction, but not very frequently.
Lately, she has become not the best sleeper in the world.  Callie naps okay in her crib during the day most of the time now.  However, she thinks that she should sleep with Mommy every night and nurse a gazillion times.

Calina loves Fiona.  No one can make her smile bigger or laugh harder.  Fiona doesn't even have to do anything out of the ordinary, just walk across the room.  Fi has started being more interested in Callie too.  She gives her more kisses and gives Calina her bear/paci when she is sad.  Fiona also tries to carry Callie around, which is frightening.  I have managed to save Callie every time, but I have to watch her like a hawk.
No matter how much I plead with time to slow down a bit, it just keeps speeding along.  I have to go snuggle my baby now, before she gets any bigger. 

Happy 5 months, Calina!!

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