Monday, January 4, 2010

Trip to the Mountains

We of course made a trip up to the mountains while we were in Colorado.  Unfortunately, we had a small window of time before it was supposed to start snowing, so we didn't stay long.  Fiona thought it was great fun to get out of the car and hike around.

She kept sticking her tongue out.  Maybe the air tasted different?

Walking on the river with Grandpa.

She thought it was really cool that we let her sit on the rocks.  She kept waving frantically and I wished we had brought the video camera up with us.

This is so cool, Mom!

Of course, we stopped for a family photo.  My silly husband apparently couldn't be bothered to remove his face mask.

Hanging out on a bench with Grandma and Grandpa.

I can't wait to go back up to the mountains with Fiona again and maybe do some actually hiking.  Maybe we will make it up in the summer, when it is quite so frigid.


Amber Liddle said...

Oh fun! I just love the mountains, I really hope we end up moving closer to them :)

Lauren said...

What a fun trip!! I love her pink snowsuit!