Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I know, I know, I'm majorly behind on blogging about the holidays.  At least I'm getting around to it now.  The week of Christmas we drove out to Fort Collins, CO to visit family.  We stayed at my grandparents' house and had a great time hanging out with everyone.  Fiona loved being the center of attention for a whole week.

Fiona and her GG (Great Grandma)

Aynsleigh and Fiona are cousins and they are only about 4 months apart, but at opposite ends of the height chart.  Aynsleigh thought it was great to give Fiona hugs, but Fi was a bit wary.  I suppose it would be kind of frightening to see someone more than a head taller than you trying to hug you around the neck.

My Mom made Fiona a cute Christmas dress and hat.  Somehow I did not manage to get a very good picture of her entire ensemble.  I'll have to see if I can get one from someone else.  My cousin, Amanda, brought her dog over on Christmas Eve.  Fiona was very excited to see a doggie.  She missed her puppies while we were in Colorado.

Unwrapping presents Christmas Eve

Directing traffic

Even more presents to open on Christmas morning.  Fiona got a Little People Farm and she has played with the animals nonstop since.

Reading her new book with Grandpa Tim.

Cute Christmas clothes

Great Grandpa Chuck, Aynsleigh, and Fiona
It was so nice to see all of our family out in Colorado.  We miss everybody out there.  However, Fiona didn't sleep much at all while we were there.  She was surprisingly in a pretty good mood during the days, but didn't let Nathan and I get much sleep at night.  So, we were glad to be back home in our own beds where she sleeps most nights.

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