Monday, January 25, 2010

Lots of Sewing

Saturday morning was awful this weekend. The combination of pregnancy hormones, not seeing the sun in 2 weeks, and clogged plumbing had me bawling my eyes out all morning.  Thankfully, my Mom came and picked up Fiona and me for lunch.  Then we headed to her house.  I was finally able to shake the funk and got some sewing done.  I had a bunch of fleece lying around and I've been wanting to make Fiona another pair of fleece longies/yoga pants.  So I finally got around to it.  Of course, she hardly sits still for 2 seconds for a picture.

I think they turned out pretty cute and I love how comfy soft they are.  I have some more fleece from making her diaper covers when she was tiny.  I think I might make one more pair out of some blue flowery fleece.

Fiona has been very interested in carrying around her baby doll lately.  I've been pretty excited to make her a little doll sling so that when the baby comes she can carry around her doll just like mommy carries the baby.  We scrounged around in my mom's basement and found a piece of fabric and something that would work for rings, so I decided to do that too.  I tried to do it in a hurry and so it doesn't look very pretty, but it works.  I might try again another day to make a prettier one.


Lauren said...

So cute!

Jackie at 3littleones said...

they are adorable!! I need to get back into sewing - it's been awhile.