Thursday, January 7, 2010

Babyproofing Fail

A couple of weeks ago Fiona figured out that she could move her music table.  That would be all well and good, but her music table was currently blocking the drawers full of dvds.  Once she figured out she could move her music table, she immediately figured out that she could get into the dvds.  After cleaning up every dvd we own about the 50th time I went to the store and found some baby locks that would work to keep the drawer closed.  See exhibit A (please ignore the dust):

I was so pleased that I had figured out a way to keep her out of the dvds and saved myself from cleaning them up 6 times a day.

This afternoon I left Fiona alone for a minute in the living room while I ran to use the restroom.  On my return, this is what I found:

Fiona was happily emptying the drawer of dvds.  At first I thought my husband must not have hooked after getting into the drawer.  However, after closer inspection:

I realized that she had "hulked out" and simply ripped the baby lock off the drawer.  Either my 13 month old peanut of girl is abnormally strong or these things suck.  Definite babyproofing fail.


Amber Liddle said...

We put corner guards on our coffee table and they were peeled off in two seconds by Ingrid. These things just suck!! Same with the toilet lock, she figured it out in a day...At least it wasn't anything dangerous :) Ingrid loves to get in our dvds too, it drives me nuts!

Nicole said...

LOL! We actually removed the knobs off our drawers so Mileena couldn't open them. They were hard to open with the knobs attached, so that worked until she was about 3.
Lori had some baby proof thing that was a magnet attachment inside the drawer. You had to use a special magnet to open the drawer. Really neat, but no idea where to get one of those. Good luck!