Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Smartipants Diapers

I got to try out a new diaper called a Smartipants diaper. Smartipants is a new diaper brand that has some awesome features.
One of my favorite things about this diaper is called the "smart sleeve". The "smart sleeve" means that there is an opening at both ends of the diaper for the insert, so there is no need to remove the insert before washing the diaper. The insert falls out in the wash and your hands stay cleaner. Forget smart, this is genius. One of the things that I did not like about pocket diapers is that you have to remove the wet/dirty insert before washing it. I am not a huge fan of handling the dirty/wet parts of the diaper if I don't have to.

The Smartipants diaper is a one size diaper with snaps. I was a little wary of the snaps at first. When you look at the diaper it just looks complicated. However, that really isn't the case. I actually really liked the snaps. They don't come undone easily and not such a pain in the washer/dryer.

I love the idea of one size diapers for saving money, but lots of them are pretty bulky on my little peanut. This diaper is a little bit on the bulky side on her, but not as bad as other one size diapers. It works so well for us that I can definitely forgive a little bulk for now. I'm sure it will get much trimmer as she gets a little bigger.

One last thing that I love about Smartipants is that they are made in the USA! I love being able to support companies here in America.

We have tried this diaper a couple of times and are really liking it. There have been absolutely no leaks and we have even tried it overnight. I really like how nice it fits Fi around her legs, which helps with the no leaking. One of the things that I really like about this diaper is how affordable it is. A lot of pocket diapers are pretty expensive. You get one diaper and two inserts for $14.95, which is pretty reasonable. Right now you can even get a package of 3 diapers and 3 inserts for $36.95, but that is a limited time offer, so hurry and go buy yours. I will be ordering a couple more of these diapers for our stash.

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