Thursday, June 11, 2009

GroBaby Diaper

So just for blogging about wanting to try out the GroBaby Diaper, The Natural Baby Co sent me a free diaper kit to try out. I was SO EXCITED to get it in the mail and try it out!

The shell set was blackberry (if you know me well, you know it couldn't have come in a more perfect color) and came with a shell, an organic soaker pad, and an organic booster. This is what the inside looks like.

The GroBaby diaper is a one size diaper with an adjustable rise, so it will fit from birth to potty training. Sometimes one size diapers can be very bulky on my little peanut (I mean seriously, she just outgrew her 0-3 month clothes at 6 months). However, I was very surprised at how trim this diaper was on her. Much less bulky than our Bum Genius one size diapers.

Another thing I REALLY like about these diapers is the aplix (velcro). It is different than on all the other diapers I have tried. It doesn't get full of lint and it is much softer, so it doesn't dig into baby's skin if it rubs.
So we have tried out this diaper about 4 times and I am totally sold. I love that you don't have to throw the whole thing in the diaper pail. You just swap out the soaker pad and you can reuse the shell. After using prefolds for so long, it seems wasteful to me to just take off the whole diaper and throw it in the pail. I thought that this might be a reason that my hubby wouldn't like this diaper, but he actually brought up this point and said he liked that part too.

These diaper get the Daddy seal of approval too. That is a MAJOR accomplishment in this house. He thought that they were VERY EASY to use and NO LEAKS. My husband doesn't always have patience for changing diapers and sometimes the diaper is not always put on the way I would put it on, which often times leads to leaking. However, after Daddy diaper changes two times with this diaper there were still no leaks. WOO HOO!

It even passed the overnight test. The pjs and sheets were dry after a night with this diaper. We did add in the booster for overnight, which still didn't make the diaper super bulky. She isn't a hugely heavy wetter, but she does a lot of moving around in her sleep, which a lot of times leads to leaking. No leaks though!

So there you have it. GroBaby definitely gets our seal of approval and we will be looking to buy a couple more. Especially since the princess had a growth spurt and our prefolds no longer fit with a snappi. They do still fit with pins, but the hubby won't do those.

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Ginny said...

Thanks for the comment :) I'm glad I can follow your life too! Good luck with the teething issues! I can't wait to come back to Omaha and see you and how big F has gotten :) Oh, and my friend Christina uses the GroBaby Diapers and she loves them!