Friday, June 5, 2009

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling ...

I have no idea why we wish for our children to become mobile. My life was so much simpler when Fiona was stationary. For a couple of months she has been rolling over. However, she pretty much just rolled around in one spot. She didn't use this skill to get anywhere. She would scoot herselves in circles or roll over to reach a toy just out of reach, but for the most part I could put her down and walk away to put in another load of laundry or something and I would come back and she would be relatively in the same spot.

I miss those days.

She figured out recently that rolling can actually get you to places. You can simply roll to the things Mommy doesn't want you to get into or the dogs who just want a nap. I was so excited for all of 5 seconds when she first rolled across the living room. Then the frantic baby proofing began. No more cords on the ground anywhere and the baby gate had to go up. Sheesh.

I was not ready for this. Fiona is supposed to stay my little baby, not grow up. She has even made a few attempts to get up on her hands and knees. I am definitely not ready for a crawling baby. Either are the dogs. They were also quite surprised the first time she came rolling up to them. Nothing is safe anymore. She is a rolling fiend.

My baby is growing up ... sniff, sniff.

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