Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I have always liked Easter. It is spring, which means some years it is nice outside. There is good food to eat and it tends to be a pretty relaxing holiday. Last year on Easter we told all the family that this cute munchkin would be making an appearance around Thanksgiving.

She is modeling a super cute new dress from Great Grandma.

So I decided to take a couple more Easter pictures the other day. Still no bunny ears. I couldn't get any to fit her little head. Still she took a couple of cute pictures. This was at the beginning of a cold so she wasn't patient for too long, hence the pacifier.

I can't wait for Easter to get here. I am excited about Fiona's Easter basket. I think the Easter bunny did a good job filling it.

I am even more excited about her adorable little Easter dress. My Mom whipped it up the other day, matching headband and bloomers too. She is going to look so pretty on Easter.

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Jessica said...

that dress is gorgeous. your mom did a great job. i am soooo jealous that my sister gets to dress TWO girls and i only have boys. oh, well...i will still do the best i can, though my mom has not made them an outfit in ages and she makes my sisters girls stuff a lot.