Thursday, April 2, 2009

4 Months

I really can't believe that Fiona is 4 months old. These months seem to fly by. She definitely gets more personality every day, which is exciting and scary at the same time. She is very opinionated and very stubborn. Let's just say she knows what she wants and she is pretty good at getting it. Boy are we going to be in trouble when she gets older and wants more than just attention/fed/diaper changed. I can already hear the requests for a pony. Every day she wraps Nathan a little further around that cute little finger, so I can already tell that mommy is going to end up being the bad guy a lot. I really love watching them together. He is such a good dad.

For the first three months of her life, it was all mom all the time. In month number four she has definitely warmed up to her daddy. She loves it when he flies her around like an airplane. She giggles and coos at him. Fiona also loves laying in bed and talking to him in the morning when she wakes up. This last week she has only let her daddy do bedtime. She doesn't want me to put her to bed, but she will fall right asleep for her daddy. That has been frustrating in some ways and wonderful in other ways (I get a little alone time while he does bedtime).

I took her to her 4 month check-up on Monday and she weighed in at a whopping 12 pounds 5 ounces, which is the 21st percentile, and she was 23.75 inches long, which is the 29th percentile. Moving up the chart on weight, but she is still a little peanut. Everything looked good at the doctor's. She got her 4 month shots, which was quite traumatic. She was laying there all happy, talking to the nurses. Then they stuck her and man can that kid scream. She had a pretty rough rest of the day/night and next day with a fever, a major case of the grumpies, and trouble sleeping. She seems to be over that now and back to her usual self. She had a hard time with the 2 month shots as well. We are not looking forward to the next batch. The pediatrician okayed her to start solid foods, but we are going to hold off for awhile. The ped agreed since she is growing fine and we have a history of digestive problems in the family, inluding celiac, that it would be best to wait closer to 6 months for her first solids. That is just fine with me, less dishes to do.

She has been a busy girl this month. She learned how to roll over. She mostly goes from her tummy to her back, but I've seen her go back to tummy a couple of times. Since she figured out rolling she is much happier during tummy time and when she starts to get angry she just flips herself over. She has really started to like to sit up and be more vertical. So we got her an exersaucer, which I thought she might be a little young for. She showed me. We have to wrap her in blankets and put something under her feet so she can use it, but she LOVES it. She had all the toys figured out the first day. She even figured out how to turn herself around to the toys she likes the best. Apparently, her silly mommy was holding her back.

Fi and I went to a Baby Maestro class with our MOM friends the other day. It is a class for little kids and their parent, where they sing and dance and interact with music. It was a lot of fun. Fiona seemed to really enjoy herself, which was no surprise because one of her favorite things to do is listen to music and dance. She was dancing to music well before she was born. We hope to get to go to another Baby Maestro class in the future, until then we'll keep getting our groove on in the living room.

Each month has been more fun than the last. I love watching my peanut grow. If she would just stop growing before she stops liking to snuggle with her mommy that would be great.

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Jessica said...

Fiona is so cute...I love the picture of her in her exersaucer. We have the same saucer (it was Jackson's, Brennan had on shaped like a racecar) and all three boys love to play with it (it's a "new" toy to them)