Tuesday, April 28, 2009

5 Months Old

Fiona is 5 months old today. I feel like someone hit the fastforward button in our lives. Yesterday, I weighed her on our scale at home fully clothed and she was about 14 pounds 8 ounces. You can tell she is starting to put on a little meat. Her cheeks are starting to fill out, she has a little Buddha belly and she has one little roll on each thigh. So cute.

She has started to get really interested in our food/drinks. I know she would probably do fine with starting to eat solids now, but I'm sticking to my guns and we're waiting at least one more month. She is obviously gaining weight just fine with only milk, so she doesn't need solids. I did find a high chair on craigslist for $10 so she is all set when we do start solids. She loves sitting in the high chair and playing with her toys.

(Ignore the massive drool spot on her shirt)

We also scrapped the baby bathtub in favor of baths in the big tub. The baby tub was way too much work and she was getting a little too big for it anyway. She loves playing in the water in the big tub. I can't wait until she is sitting up on her own and we can get a little baby pool for the backyard. She is going to have so much fun in the water this summer.

She is honing her rolling skills. She is pretty good at rolling both directions now. She tried to take a nose dive off the changing table the other day when Daddy wasn't paying attention. Luckily, he has pretty fast reflexes and caught her. Fiona is even practicing moving in her sleep, which has led to some bad nights of sleep for Mommy and Daddy. She scoots herself around the crib in her sleep until she gets stuck somewhere and wakes up screaming several times a night.

Since the weather has warmed up some, we love spending lazy time out in the backyard. Sometimes we just chill in the shade with some toys or else Fiona hangs out while Mommy does yard work. We are soaking up as much time as we can outdoors before it gets too hot to enjoy it. Fi loves it outside. She just looks and watches. She especially loves when the kids are on the playground behind our backyard; she just squeals and talks to them.

Her favorite "person" other than Nathan and myself is still Toby. She does all kinds of tricks to try and get him to look at her or come over. She likes to get big handfuls of his hair and just hold on and squeal. He's a trooper and doesn't even flinch. Her other favorite thing to do is makeout with Toby, which is so gross.

Here are some pictures of Nathan and Fiona hanging out.

Not sure what they were looking at, but it was keeping them both very interested.


Lynn said...

I can't believe she's so big!

Jessica said...

Her face is a lot fuller then the last time I have seen her.
We have a bathtub ring thing that we will be using with Ethan when he takes a bath with Jackson. That way, they can sit up in the tub and NOT fall over.