Sunday, October 17, 2010

Crafting Craziness

I've been on a crafting kick lately.  I have probably gone a little overboard on the matching crafts for the girls.  It started with Husker outfits.  I made the tutus and the hairbows and bought the N's for the girls shirts from my friend Jessica.  She has super cute stuff, check out her etsy shop, Confetti Creations.
 I love the way their Husker outfits turned out.

 Along with those I decided they needed Halloween outfits too.  I need to get a good picture of them together in these. They are adorable.

 I even made an extra Halloween tutu/bow set and sold it to my Mom's coworker.
Oh, but that isn't the end of it.  I'm also working on Halloween costumes for both girls. Fiona is going to be Little Bo Peep and Callie is going to be her sheep.  I have to get all my matching done, because soon Fiona will have an opinion and won't want to match anymore.  Also on my crafting list, 3 pairs of leg warmers, 2 pairs of fleece pants for each girl, and some pjs for Fiona.


Amber Liddle said...

Go on! Doesn't it feel great to see your work on your children? I love those matching tutus, and you're right that they won't want to match soon enough--get it in now!

Jessica said...

all those outfits are adorable! oh, and brennan is 7.5 and still will dress in the matching clothes i request...though it is not nearly as cute now. :D