Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easter Pictures, Take One!

So I was inspired by my MOM friend, Megan. She takes such adorable holiday pictures of Big C, which double as great blackmail photos for when he gets older. Anyway, the pictures are so super cute, I decided that I needed to take some holiday pictures of my peanut. What better holiday to start with than Easter. It just so happened that I had a giant basket from a baby shower and some platic eggs, so what the heck, I decided to try my hand at it.

I figured this would just be a practice session. So I tried out some different backgrounds and things. Fiona was even more cooperative than I thought she would be, at least at the very beginning,

What a cute Easter treat!

I wanted to put some little bunny ears on her. I even had 2 pairs of them. One pair was giant and wouldn't stay on. The other pair was tiny and too small. So no bunny ears. I think I can operate on the smaller pair and get them to work if I have the time and patience for a second photo shoot.

So then I decided it would be way cuter if she was naked (well, mostly naked, she had a diaper on because that is one mess I don't want to think about cleaning up).

As you can probably tell, she was getting more and more fed up with me. However, I didn't let that stop me.

So the pictures are okay for a first attempt. I need to try it in a different spot in the house because the lighting was not the best. I think it was a successful practice session and maybe I will get the energy to do a "take two" with some better lighting and some bunny ears. Either way the baby in the basket is the prettiest little girl I've ever seen.

If you haven't seen her pictures of Big C as the Easter bunny, you should go take a peek. He makes a cute baby in a basket as well. At just one month older he is almost double Fiona's weight. His mom has hired him out as Fiona's body guard, so no bullies will be messing with my baby.

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Jessica said...

Those are great shots. I plan on doing something similar with Ethan, but since he's a lot bigger then Fiona, too (and only ten days older), I better buy a bigger basket. I love the one where she is eating the egg.