Friday, March 27, 2009

Act of Kindness

Sometimes I am just absolutely awed at how amazing and generous people can truly be. A little bit of back story is that my father-in-law had a case of appendicitis that was not caught in time and spiked a fever of 110 degrees, which caused some brain damage. He now gets fatigued easily and has some difficulty with motors skills like walking and writing, etc. Since he was unable to go back to work my in-laws are trying to sell their house because they can't afford the mortgage anymore. They have been working very hard to try and get the house to a point where they can put it on the market, because it needed a little work. They have both been working very hard and we have been worried about them. It is not work that is easy for my father-in-law and my mother-in-law is now working full time to try and support them.
They hired a company to come build a small deck off their house. Well, a couple of days later that same company showed back up at the house and painted my in-laws house FOR FREE!! They painted the inside AND the outside of the house for NOTHING. They were just trying to help out. I was absolutely astonished. This means so much to all of us, that these strangers would volunteer that kind of time and effort to help someone that they really don't even know. Due to their generosity my in-laws should be able to get the house on the market much more quickly, which is a blessing. So if any of you in the Omaha area need any construction type work done you should use J&J Construction. Just let me know and I will get you their contact information. They have been so amazing and generous. This is just such a neat thing, and definitely an answer to some prayers. I just had to share this story.

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