Sunday, March 22, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

We've had a busy couple of weeks, which is nothing out of the ordinary. We've been to play dates, St Patrick's Day parties, and moms' night outs. We've dealt with a broken dryer, a clogged sink, and some very cranky/loud neighbors.

Fiona and I had a fantastic time at a St. Patrick's Day party with our MOM friends. It was a full house, but lots of fun. Then after a good nap we headed over to my parent's house for some more St Paddy's Day fun. We had some delicious corned beef and cabbage (minus the cabbage for me) and some Irish coffee. Fiona was pretty grumpy while we were over there, I think she was a little partied out. She did stay happy long enough to snap a family photo.

So our dryer definitely is broken. It has been a whole week with no dryer. I was walking through the hallway and smelled something burning. The scent of course led to the dryer, which freaked me out. It would not be good to have the dryer burn down our house. So it is not working and no word back from the landlord if it will be fixed soon or at all. I have made 2 trips to Mom's house to do laundry and since there were a couple of nice days I also hung out some clothes on the clothesline. Since the dryer took a break we also took a break from cloth diapers for a couple days. I did finally wash all the dirty diapers and hang them up to dry. I wish I had taken a picture because that was a lot of diapers blowing in the breeze. Keep your fingers crossed that our dryer gets fixed soon because I am NOT going to the laundromat and the good weather isn't likely to hold out in March in Nebraska.

Mom and I went to a kid's consignment sale and picked up a few cute clothes and an exersaucer. I was excited for the exersaucer because she is starting to want to be more upright and not be as entertained by the swing or the bouncy seat. She is a little too short/small for the exersaucer right now, but I'm sure it won't be too long before she fits in it.

Fiona has been rolling over like crazy this week. She has now mastered tummy to back and back to tummy. It is quite entertaining to watch, but she is becoming mobile which means nothing is safe. It also means my baby is growing up, which I am definitely not ready for. Fiona loves naked time and laughs like crazy when you tickle her. Nathan caught a cute little video the other day.


Jessica said...

To help her fit in the exersaucer, roll a towel or small blanket up and put it all around her to secure her in an upright position (if her head is strong enough to support that). That is what we have to do with Ethan and he loves it.

Crissy said...

Yeah we do that w/ Kylee too sometimes(a small blanket around her) and we used to put a pillow under her feet because she wasn't tall enough (she is now).