Monday, December 29, 2008

1 Month Old

Fiona is 1 month old as of yesterday. It has flown by. Fiona has become a much fussier baby. The evenings are a challenge now. Nathan bought a baby swing, which is magic. It gives us at least a little peace.

At 2 weeks we took Fiona to get pictures taken. They turned out really cute. These are a few of them:

We drove out to CO for Christmas. We got to spend some time with friends and family. It was a nice vacation and a great Christmas. We are glad to be back to our own beds though.

Fiona with Great Grandpa

Fiona with Great Grandma

Sleeping on Aunt Maggie

Aynsleigh, Grandpa Tim, and Fiona

Andrew, Aynsleigh, Anna, and Fiona

Hanging out with Uncle Tom

4 Generations

The girls

Family Christmas picture

Anna's family

Fiona's quilt from Great Grandma

On Christmas morning

Fiona and Grandma Teri

With Fiona's Great-Great Grandma Simmons
We had a nice Christmas with Nathan's family on Sunday when we got back, so we are celebrated-out.

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