Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Week Home

We had a pretty good first week home. We are all getting adjusted slowly. The dogs are doing well with the baby. Toby gets very concerned when the baby cries and is always checking on her. He has tried to play fetch with her a couple of times, but can't figure out why she won't throw his ball. Chloe couldn't really care less.

We are all a little sleep deprived, but Fiona sleeps pretty well most nights. Nathan got to take most of the week off of work to stay home with us. He had to go in to work a couple of days, so my mom and Rosanne came over and stayed with us.
On Friday night, it was Nathan's work Christmas party. We went and took Fiona. It was her first party. She was the star of the party and she did very well, sleeping through most of it. It was fun and nice to get out of the house after a week of staying home.

Toby checking on Fiona

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