Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fiona is finally here!!

On Wednesday night about 11 I started having regular contractions about 10 minutes apart. By about 12 on Thursday the contractions were about 4-5 minutes apart and strong enough that we decided to go to the hospital. We missed turkey dinner, but we thought we would at least have a Thanksgiving baby. She had other thoughts. At the hospital they monitored me and decided I was making some progress, but after an hour they decided things were not progressing fast enough. The doctor decided to start me on pitocin and break my water. After that things got much more painful, but they weren't moving much faster. I got the epidural, so I at least got a break from the pain. They were all sure things would move much more quickly now that I was more relaxed. The baby did not like the pitocin and her heart rate was dropping during contractions, so they kept having to stop it, but then my contractions would start to die off. It was an extremely long night, but at about 8 Friday morning the doctor came in and said I was ready to push. The baby was posterior, which is why I had so much pain the night before, so the doctor rotated her and we started pushing. I pushed until 10:45 and had not made much progress, so the doctor decided they would use the vacuum and if that didn't work, I would need a c-section. That was the scariest moment during the entire process. I pushed and they used the vacuum and finally at 11:39 am Fiona was born. Nathan even cut the cord.

Fiona Joyce Magdanz weighed 6lbs 14.5 oz and was 19.5 inches long. She has lots of dark hair.

It was amazing. I still can't believe she is here and healthy. She had the cord around her neck, which they think caused some of the problem getting her out. She also had a big bruise on her head from the vacuum, but that went away after about 2 days. They were concerned that she would be jaundice, but so far she has been doing well.
We went home from the hospital on Sunday and are happy to be home.

Home at last

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