Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2 Months Old

I can't believe another month is gone already. I definitely thought I would have more time to get stuff done by now. Fiona has become a much, much happier baby, but she still is pretty demanding. She has learned to really smile and laugh. She is even cooing. Diaper changing and bathtime are her two favorite times now. She just lays there smiling and cooing.

The other day, I had the video camera out taping her while she was smiling and laughing and all of a sudden she let out this giant fart. I got it all on tape. Her Daddy has already threatened to show it to every boyfriend she will ever have. It was pretty darn funny.

Life has just been flying along. She is finally starting to outgrow some of her clothes. At the pediatrician's today, she weighed 9 lbs 3 oz, the 12th percentile, and was 22.5 in, 58th percentile. She is kinda tall and skinny.

I really love staying home with Fiona. Poor Nathan misses her happiest times, in the morning. She is usually pretty giggly and happy in the mornings, but by the evenings she starts to get tired and a little grumpy. We are far from sleeping through the night, but we get an occassional stretch of 5 hours of sleep. Yay!

Fiona and I started going to a playgroup that meets at the mall play area once a week. There are several moms with babies right around Fiona's age. It has been a lot of fun and nice to have grown-ups to talk to during the day. Most of the babies are little boys though, only one other little girl.

Fiona was baptized on January 11th. Her Grandpa Tim baptized her and Anna's cousin, Sarah. It was really special. We gave her a bath that morning, so she was worn out and slept through most of it.

Here are some pictures of the last month:

Smiley girl

At her baptism

Getting baptized

With her Godparents, Eileen and Jeremy (aka Gomer)

Enjoying her swing

All dressed up for Church

Having fun in the bathtub
Fiona got upset so Toby jumped in the crib to check on her.
Chatting with Daddy
She makes funny faces when you kiss her.
Her frowny face. She makes the funniest sad faces. This one reminds me of that old beer commercial with the bitter beer face.
Being giggly

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