Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy 4 Months to My Callie Bug!

My sweet baby girl is growing up way too fast!  Calina is such a wonderful baby.  I have oodles of pictures of her sleeping, because I still can't believe that she sleeps.  She sleeps pretty well, she's happy 90% of the time, and she likes other people besides just her Mommy.
Callie gets more personality every day.  She smiles at everyone and is quite the talker these days.  She is also an expert raspberry blower.
She is still having issues with dairy and soy.  I can definitely tell when I slip up and didn't check a label well enough.  It is getting easier to stay away from the stuff I'm not supposed to have, but man do I miss cheese.  I did find a vegan cheese that melts, but it is super expensive and you can only get it at Whole Foods.  It probably wouldn't pass for cheese unless you hadn't had any of the real stuff in awhile, but it does help the occassional craving.
Calina has started to roll. She'll roll both back to front and front to back now.  She is not a fan of tummy time, so she was pretty motivated to figure out how to roll off her tummy.  I think she might be an adrenaline junky already, because she loves to lay on the floor when the big girls are playing.  I would think it would be quite frightening to have big toddlers running all over the place and only surviving because Mommy has quick reflexes.  Callie loves to watch the big girls.  She thinks Fiona is just hysterical, especially when Fiona dances.
Fiona is even nice enough to share her blankie sometimes :)
We took Callie in her for 4 month appointment on Tuesday.  She is a growing girl.  She weighed 12 pounds 12 ounces, in the 31st percentile.  She was 25.5 inches long, in the 91st percentile.  She is tall and skinny like her Daddy.  Other than staying away from dairy/soy she is a very healthy kiddo. 
Her smile sure melts my heart! 
I love you baby girl! Happy 4 months! Now please slow down with the whole growing up business please.

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