Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Smart Baby

So last night my parents took us out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. My parents, 2 of my sisters, Nathan, Fi, and I all went to Cheesecake Factory for a very yummy dinner. How can you have a bad dinner when it ends with a VERY YUMMY piece of cheesecake?

Fiona has become much more difficult to take out to dinner. Gone are the days when she would just snooze away in her car seat letting Mommy and Daddy enjoy conversation and their dinners in peace. Now she is awake the whole time and requires constant attention to keep her distracted from the fact that it is an hour from bedtime. She was loving chewing on everything she can get her cute little hands on, plates, spoons, napkins, etc.

Fiona REALLY likes cups. She likes to hold them. She likes to lick them. She likes to throw them on the ground. She likes cups.

So in an effort to distract her from screeching like a banshee my Dad gave her his glass of water with a straw in it. That little smarty pants grabbed the straw, put it in her mouth and started sucking. She was drinking water out of a straw ... and LOVING it. She drank like 1/4 a glass of ice water because we couldn't get her to give up the straw. Such a funny baby. (I know some of you will be unimpressed with this feat, but to someone with a background in speech-language, who knows the motor development of the mouth, it is pretty cool)

Now we won't ever be able to drink out of a straw safely with Fiona in arm's reach, because she throws a hissy fit if she sees a straw and she can't have it. Silly baby :)


Jessica said...

That is really cool. I have a friend whose baby is WAY older the Fiona and she can't do that!

Megan R. said...

Wow, that IS impressive! Maybe I need to try a straw with fats mcgee. Cause he really doesn't get the sippy cup deal at all. He just chews on it. Sigh.