Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1: Adventureland

On Saturday, Fiona and I went to Adventureland with my parents, 2 of my sisters, and a bunch of other friends and family. We left Nathan at home because he had some work to do and couldn't go. I was a little nervous about how the baby would do. I figured she would either be an angel or a demon. Turns out she was an angel baby.

We drove to Adventureland Saturday morning and pretty much headed straight to the park. My Dad took Fiona on the carousel right when we got there. It was cute, but she was pretty unimpressed by the whole thing. Then we traded off staying with Fiona and the stroller and riding rides. We also took Fi on the teacups. She kind of liked them, but the ride lasted too long and she started to get a little angry.

Fiona and Grandpa on the Carousel

In the afternoon it started to get pretty hot. My Mom and I headed to the Ragin' River and Dad stayed with the babe. He kept dumping water all over her trying to keep her cool because it was pretty warm out.

Soaking wet and loving it. (Notice the cute diaper. I know I said I was done with them, but I decided to give them one last chance. Third times a charm, right? Not really. They did better than before, but still not up to par)

With a cousin

Budding photographer

We headed back to the hotel and Fiona did a little swimming in the pool with her Grampy. She really liked swimming, but the chlorine kind of bothered her, so it was a short swim.

Fiona was such a flirt the whole time. She was all smiles at everybody. It turns out she likes having 12 or so people devoted to her happiness all weekend. She didn't do much sleeping, but at least she was happy about it.

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