Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rough Week

So we are currently weathering our first baby illness. On Friday I got a bad cold, which was still full swing on Sunday. I felt pretty awful and prayed that Fiona wouldn't get sick. She had been a little congested for a week, so I thought she might of given it to me. Apparently that wasn't the case. Monday morning she was coughing and running a low fever. She's been coughing and feverish since then, with not much solid sleeping going on. It has been rough. She just wants to cuddle with me and rock. It looks like we might be heading to the end of the worst part though.

Poor baby. Last week she got picked on and got vaccinations, now she has a cold. The shots were awful to watch. She screamed bloody murder for a good 1/2 hour afterwards. Then she ran a fever the rest of the day and was extremely fussy the next day.

Now that Fiona is starting to feel better it looks like Nathan has caught the plague. Our house is just a germ paradise. With all the illness going around, no dishes or laundry have been done in almost a week. It looks like a disaster zone. Of course I could be trying to tackle the piles, but it is just too overwhelming for tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

So on Saturday we have a formal dinner for Nathan's work, and I have nothing to wear. I still don't fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes (those darn last 10 lbs are proving difficult to get rid of). I am going to have to brave the mall with baby in tow. Here is hoping that I can find a dress on the clearance rack. I'm not looking forward to the shopping trip. Mom and Dad are watching Fiona that night. After a week and a half of being cooped up at home being sick and taking care of a sick baby, I am looking forward to a night out with grown-ups and a good dinner with a drink.

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