Friday, July 20, 2012

Elsie is 3 Months Old

 Time is absolutely flying past.  Elsie is getting so big.  She's so cute with her chubby cheeks and thigh rolls.  She is already wearing clothes that Fiona wore when she was 9 months old!  That says more about how tiny my big girls were, but seems crazy to me.  She is such a happy baby!
 These pictures were taken before she discovered her great hatred for the carseat.  Recently, she has decided that she HATES her carseat.  To the point that I often have to pull over when we are driving places because she screams this awful scream and often makes herself choke and gag.  She sometimes will tolerate it now if I give her a blankie to snuggle.  She likes to hold a blankie and suck her thumb.

Chilling in the swing at Nana's house.  She can't have a swing at home because Callie likes to "help" her swing. 

 The big girls are still in love with the baby.  They are very good at keeping her entertained and still beg to hold her daily.
 She loves sitting in the Bumbo seat at the table, while we eat dinner.
Elsie has the best temperament.  She is so content with life and loves to giggle and flirt.  She already scoots herself around on her back and is definitely unsafe to leave unattended on top of anything.  I found her rolled over onto her tummy the other day, but I'm pretty sure Callie helped her do that.

We are sure blessed to have such a sweetie pie in our family :)

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