Monday, June 21, 2010

Fastest Month Ever

I would just like someone to explain to me how it is possible that an entire month has gone by since my baby was born.  Miss Callie Jean is one month old today.
That week in the NICU seemed like an eternity, but then we got home and I feel like I blinked and three weeks zoomed past.  Everyone said I would be busy, but that is the understatement of the year.  Fi and Callie keep me on my toes constantly.  For example, Callie was napping in the pack-n-play and Fiona was playing with her doll and reading books, so I tried to sneak into the kitchen and do a few dishes.  Suddenly I noticed that it was especially quiet in the living room.  When I checked on the girls, Fiona was sitting inside the pack-n-play with the baby stacking stuff on top of her sister.  Life isn't going to get boring anytime soon. 
Calina is really a good baby.  I'm still not sure what to do with a good baby who sleeps.  Fiona never slept and was very needy.  Callie is very relaxed in comparison.  It is kind of sad when your newborn sleeps better than your toddler.
We did have a rough patch there for a bit.  Basically, since they pulled the tubes out I've noticed that Calina gags a lot.  She never really spit up, but I could tell there was stuff coming up.  It made me nervous at night because she would be kind of gurgly and cough a lot when I layed her down flat.  A little over a week ago she started really getting cranky and spitting up.  She spent hours screaming and it seemed like she was in pain.  The pediatrician put her on some Zantac and I'm now on the Milk Soy Protein Intolerance (MSPI) diet.  Basically, I can't have any dairy or soy.  I noticed a huge difference pretty quickly.  After a week of being dairy/soy free Calina is back to being her laid back self.  I'm still in mourning over not getting to have any cheese and eating out is going to be a pain, but it is totally worth it to have a happy, pain-free baby.
I think part of the reason that this month has flown by is that we have been super busy.  We've crammed in Calina's first annual family campout, her baptism, a photo shoot, and Father's Day.  I've got tons more pictures that I could post, but I didn't have time to upload anymore tonight.  I'm going to try and at least post a few from our photo shoot.  Kim Dusek is in My Omaha Mommies with me and she got some awesome pictures of both girls.  
Well, that kind of gives you an update on our life lately.  Busy, busy, busy, but it is a very good busy :)

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