Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Made a Mei Tai

I've been wanting a baby carrier that I could use to carry Fiona on my back for awhile.  I love my sling, but it is just uncomfortable to carry her in that right now, while my belly is so big.  So I hit up a good sale at JoAnn's and bought some fabric to make myself a Mei Tai carrier.  I was a little worried that it would be difficult, but it turned out to be not bad at all. 

I'm pretty proud of myself actually.  I usually sew at my Mom's house because I'm pretty much a novice and that way I have help if I screw something up.  My parents went out of town to San Diego and I had my Mom's old sewing machine and really wanted to get started on this project, so I decided to tackle it alone.  There were a few set backs and no expert seamstresses should look to closely because there are a few wonky spots, but overall I think it turned out really well.  Fiona and I had to try it out right away of course, so excuse the Monday morning grossness.

I'm so excited about having a carrier that will work for back carries.  It's really comfy and Fiona doesn't seem to mind either.  I've carried her and my daycare kiddo, Miss G, to the park a couple of times in it without any trouble.  In fact, it's so comfortable that Miss G falls asleep after I walk about 2 feet.

I might even decide to make another one for Nathan to wear.  He liked the idea, but was very much against wearing anything with butterflies on it.  I may have to make a more manly one so he can use it too.  Or else talk him into buying me an Ergo or Beco or something.


amanda said...

ohhh i love that!! i have an ergo, and love that as well. but it's fun to have a number of carriers is what i think!! you should make one and do a giveaway... or just make one for me. :0) lol. i'd seriously pay you to make one though!!

and in case you've missed them, i'm doing a week of giveaways on my blog this week!! said...

I love it. Very nice