Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Weekend (a week late)

I know this is a week late, but I was being lazy about getting all my photos uploaded.  Our Easter celebrating started when Fiona's Godfather, Jeremy, dropped off an Easter basket for her.  She is a pretty spoiled little girl :) 
We continued the celebration with some Easter egg dying at my parents' house on Saturday night.  Fiona thought that it was pretty cool.
Grandma Teri was very brave and was letting her put the eggs in the dye.  Fiona really wanted to put her hands in the dye too, but we thwarted most of her efforts.

I got up super early on Easter morning and went to Mass all by myself.  It was pretty strange not having to keep a busy toddler happy.  It was actually kind of nice to be there alone.  After Church I came home and Nathan and Fiona were dressed in their Easter clothes.  Nathan earned big brownie points for actually dragging himself out of bed and handling breakfast and getting dressed (minus hair accessories) all by himself.
Isn't Miss Fiona cute in her Easter dress?  I love that her and Nathan were so well coordinated.  I didn't even plan it.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a matching maternity shirt.  I still think we make a pretty cute family.
After we snapped a picture we let Fiona find her basket from the Easter bunny.
Digging into her goodies.
So after we explored her basket, we packed up and headed to Nathan's parents' for Easter brunch.
Fiona got another Easter basket at Grandma's house and she was loving the Easter eggs with crackers.
Grandma Cheryl even blew up some balloons to play with.
After we were stuffed full of good food and Nathan was trying to fall asleep in the chair we headed home for a quick nap.  The nap didn't pan out, so we headed on over to my parents' for our second Easter meal.  Fiona got yet another Easter basket over there.  Seriously, she isn't loved at all ;)
Fiona helping herself to a cold drink.
We of course had to change Fiona out of her beautiful Easter dress so that we could hunt eggs and play outside in the sandbox.
Hunting eggs with lots of help from the big cousins.
She managed to collect quite a few eggs, but she wanted to stop and open each one.  I had to be sneaky and swap out all her candy eggs for ones with snacks that she could eat.  She didn't notice.  She just liked opening the eggs and dumping the stuff out.
And of course a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's on a nice day wouldn't be complete without swinging.  You can hear her squealing and giggling across the yard.

Easter was a little chaotic and we were glad to go home and go to bed at the end of the day.  Overall, it was a good day with lots of family and good food.


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BabeeLove said...

she is adorable and I LOVE the dress!