Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Still Here

I'm still alive.  I haven't been online as much these days and I definitely haven't been blogging regularly.  It's been a combination of a computer on the fritz, busy days, and some bloggers block.  So this is what it has looked like out our windows for a week

It's been a bit of a winter wonderland.  Last week we were stuck inside for at least a couple of days.  It was kind of nice, since school was out it was just Fiona and I for 2 days last week and all 3 of us on Wednesday.
It definitely makes it feel a bit more like winter and Christmas.

We've been busy getting in the Christmas spirit lately.  Last Christmas is such a blur to me.  I had a tiny baby who never slept and spent about 23 hours of everyday screaming.  We really didn't have money for gifts last year, because money was extremely tight.  I still remember feeling incredibly blessed that we were all healthy and together and we had this wonderful little miracle (even if she only stopped screaming for an hour a day).

This year things are looking much brighter.  Fiona is a happy little girl, who makes us smile and laugh everyday.  #2 is busy cooking away in there and we can't wait to meet him/her.  I have an incredible husband, who works long and hard to ensure that I get to stay home with Fiona.  We have had a rough year, but we made it through together.  We are all finally healthy.  We have wonderful friends and family.  Nathan worked very hard and got a really big client at work and got a very nice commission check just in time for Christmas.  This year it has felt really good to be able to be generous with gifts to each other and our friends and family.  Money definitely is not the key to happiness, but it definitely helps ease some stress.  We have so much to be thankful for this year.  It has been easy to get into the holiday spirit.

Fiona and I have been listening to lots of Christmas music, decorating the house, and wrapping lots of presents.

We are headed out to Colorado to visit family for the holidays.  We are really looking forward to it.  If I don't blog again before Christmas, I hope everyone has a great Christmas and has lots to be thankful for.

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Amber Liddle said...

You guys sound like your last year was like ours--small baby, no money, but thankful for each other. This year has been SO MUCH easier than last!! Hope your holidays are great :)