Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Calina is 9 Months Old!

It truly feels like I just wrote a post about Callie being 8 months old. 
Time seems to be speeding up. 

Callie is still a pretty happy kiddo, as long as I'm within her line of sight.  She is going through some big time separation anxiety lately, and pretty much screams anytime she realizes she can't see/hear me.  This has made it difficult for me to get anything accomplished alone, since even her Daddy doesn't want to watch her if all she is going to do is scream for "mama".  I'm trying to remember that it is just a phase.

She still has trouble with dairy and soy.  I sure hope she grows out of it soon. 

She's getting more mobile every day.  She is a very speedy crawler and is now cruising along furniture like a pro as well. 
She has 2 teeth on the bottom, finally.  She has discovered the joy of feeding herself and I can hardly get a spoonful in these days.
Her favorite game is peek-a-boo, which she will play for hours.
Aside from Mommy, her favorite person is probably Fiona.  They just spend hours a day giggling together and playing chase.  It is pretty darn adorable.
She loves Toby, not quite as much as her sister did, but she still shares all of her snacks.
She's such a good hairbow model :)

Happy 9 months, Callie bug!

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