Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Dolls

The other day my Mom was cleaning out closets and found my old special doll.  It was a cabbage patch doll named Anna Hazel.  I was really excited that she found her, because Fiona has been really into baby dolls lately and I thought she might enjoy playing with her.  After a trip through the washing machine, I gave Fi the doll.
She was pretty excited about a new baby doll.
She pretty much carried her around all day long.
There was lots of baby kissing and rocking.
She took good care of her baby feeding it and giving her drinks.
Until the very end of the day, when she accidently dropped the doll in the entryway.  Then Fiona realized what a satisfying noise the doll's head made on the tile.  She spent the remaining 20 minutes before bed repeatedly pounding the doll's head on the entryway floor.  Now, the baby dolls is used to hit hard things and hear what noise it makes.  Hmmm, guess we won't be letting her go unsupervised around her little sister when she's born.


Amber Liddle said...

I love that you, too, have a CPK that you know the full name to! Mine is Olga Kandy and it has become Ingrid's favorite too :) It looks identical to yours, scratches on the head and all!!

Regan said...

Sounds like she's ready for a baby sister!